Awakened Relationships


Healing-Workshop in Kirchzarten-Burg, near Freiburg, Germany

with Dr. Jayesh Shah (Mumbai)


Thu 9 May 2019 - Sun 12 May 2019


Location (NEW!): Rainhof Scheune Kirchzarten


Höllentalstraße 96, 79199 Kirchzarten-Burg,


Timetable: Thu 9 May 9.30am-1pm and 3pm-6.30pm

Fri 10 May 9.30am-1pm and 3pm-7pm

Sat 11 May 9.30am-1pm and 3pm-7pm

 Sun 12 May 9am-1.30pm


Optional evening meditation (1h) on Friday and/or Saturday.

Partial attendance is not possible, as all the processes build on each other.


Bring along: Yoga mat, blanket and meditation pillow,

as these are not available in the seminar room.

Please bring your slippers


Language: English with translation into German.


Fees: Single participants 520€ in case of payment until 23.2.2019, thereafter 580€

Couples: 450€ in case of payment until 23.2.2019, thereafter 510€ per person

There are still seats available!!

 Payment: Dr. Andreas Tilch, Sparkasse Freiburg

IBAN: DE20 6805 0101 0001 6432 53, SWIFT-BIC: FRSPDE66XXX



Cancellation terms: 50€ service charge in case of cancellation until 9 April 2019, after that no claim of refund.



Accomodation and food: In the Rainhof Scheune is located apart

from the seminar room also a hotel with spa area as well as a restaurant.

So there is the attractive possibility of staying, eating and having sauna in the seminar place. The rooms are furnished in a stilish and modern way.


As the contingent of pre-reserved rooms is limited,

it is recommended to book your rooms as soon as possible.


Double room standard  387€ per unit (9.-12.5.2019), for single use 327€

Double room „romantic“ (generous room with freestanding bathtub)

432€ per unit (9.-12.5.2019)

Double room „romantic“ for single use  402€ (9.-12.5.2019)

Suite (seperate sleeping area, living room, cooking facilities,

designed bathroom) 477€ per unit (9.-12.5.2019)

Suite for single use 447€ (9.-12.5.2019)


Of course it is also possible to book already the night before the seminar.

Copious breakfast buffet 14€, half board 35€, full board 43€ per person per day.


Spa area: use included for hotel guests, external guests 14€ per day (open 14-22 h)


Lunch: vegetarian meal 12€ (pre-reservation required, please tell us on registration)


Arrival: the Rainhof Scheune is situated at the entry of Burg-Birkenhof in the Dreisam-valley, near the road B 31, five minutes walk from train station „Himmelreich“


Registration Seminar: Dr. med. Andreas Tilch, Dreisamstr. 13, 79098 Freiburg, Deutschland


Email: Tel. +49 761 7671400, Fax +49 761 7671404

Office: Dr. med. Juliette Haase


Please note that your seat is reserved only after payment-receipt.



Booking Hotel Rainhof Scheune: Please contact directly Mrs Lisa Beck,

conference manager Rainhof Scheune,, Tel. +49 170 8033504


Jayesh Shah has been a practitioner of Homoeopathy in Mumbai for over thirty years. Dr. Jayesh specializes in conducting a number of healing workshops (‘A Journey Within’, ‘The Journey Again’, ‘Awakened Parenting’ & ‘Awakened Relationships’) that facilitate self-inquiry and healing through meditative techniques and interactive sessions. Deep resolutions of chronic illness can effected through such journeys.


„ Awakened Relationships“  is meant to improve and heal our relationships to our partner, as well as to friends, parents and children.




Pyramid of introspection

This pyramid allows us to introspect, look within and re-arrange inner patterns. It helps us reflect on the ‘wrong-doings’ on our part. It also helps in re-framing self-sabotaging compulsions.


Pyramid of self-judgement

This pyramid brings light to those aspects within us that are damaged by self-judgments – this part of us also aggressively judges others in harmful ways. Forgiveness helps in erasing these fixed patterns.


Pyramid of disappointment and loss

This brings healing to that part of us that has been hurt by loss, grief or anger. What we lose we demand and ask from others. It heals the need for unreasonable expectations from others to fill this void.


Pyramid of ancestral wounds

Beliefs and wounds from parents and ancestors need to be integrated for a more fulfilling relationship with life. This pyramid helps in releasing oneself from redundant beliefs.


Pyramid of past-lifes and parallel realities

This pyramid allows a release from old fears, phobias and patterns that emerge from past lives.


Pyramid of shamanic – homoeopathic healing

(pyramid of plant-, animal- and mineral systems in healing

This pyramid throws light on the Homoeopathic understanding of our emotional and disease-related patterns. Shamanic meditations further the process of healing these patterns.


Pyramid of darkness

The darkest and most fearful phases of our life need to be re-visited, so that harmful conclusions from these times can be reconsidered and re-framed.


Pyramid of sexuality

Fixed beliefs about sensuality and sexuality can create a compromise in relationships. These create an imbalance of ‘yin and yang’ within. These need to be healed through wisdom and a holistic understanding of intimacy.


Pyramid of potential

All the healed parts undergo integration so that one can meet their highest emotional, physical, financial and spiritual potential. The last pyramid supports this journey into ‘wholeness’.